We are all worthy of love, even when we are half fish.

~ Madame de Boudoir


If Barbara Cartland wrote paranormal romance, you'd get.....Madame de Boudoir!


Madame de boudoir...

... is the award-winning author of paranormal historical fantasy romances, featuring daring mermaids and passionate mermen. A daughter of Aphrodite, she was discovered as an infant in a trunk of pearls and raised among the ball gowns in the wardrobe departments of the greatest opera houses of Europe. On many a moonlit night, she can be found at the shore, listening to the tales of her merfolk relatives, which she is glad to share with you. As a mistress of ceremonies, she is known for her opulent costumes, revealing stories, and flights of fancy. Bridging the Gilded and the Digital Ages, Madame de Boudoir’s stories are rich with extravagant feelings and historical fantasies. Madame wishes to remind you that: "We are all worthy of love, even when we are half fish."

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